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Jasmel arthocure oil is an instant relief oil that helps in reducing any joint pain.
It contains essential ingredients that strengthens the muscle and nerves in the joint.
People with regular joint pain are not able to move or do anything as the pain restricts their movement.
Applying this oil can relieve the pain and allow those people to be able to move and continue their day without any pain stopping them.
The oil must be gently massaged onto the affected joint pain for a better result.
100% herbal. available in many countries


  1. jyoti

    The product is a life saver. Recently I fell twice on the same areas of my knee’s and legs and was in a lot of pain. I didn’t want to take the medication the artho care gave me so my husbands physical therapist put some on me and left me some and it helped immediately. I bought a bottle that day. Its an AWESOME product!!!!

    Thank you Brookethrone Naturals!!!!

  2. gazala

    it has a lovely, light eculyptus smell. It does not smell medicinal in any way. It appears to be oily when dispensed into your palm or onto skin. When you start rubbing it in is absorbed nicely by the skin and does not leave an oily residue. I did have a question and emailed customer service. They responded within minutes and were very helpful

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