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(8 customer reviews)

Baked Beans 400g


12 Pcs in a carton.

Baked Beans in a rich tomato sauce



KGN Baked Beans is prepared of every natural ingredient. It is an excellent source of protein and rich in nutritional fiber.These Baked Beans make for a perfect option for Breakfast. They are also served along with the Chips, Nachos, Waffles and Fried Foods  or along with rice/Chapati/Roti/Paratha.
Ingrdients:-White Beans, Water, Sugar, Salt, Corn strach, Spices & Condiments, Emulsifying & Stabilizing Agent (INS415), CONTAINS CLASS II PRESERVATIVE (INS211)

8 reviews for Baked Beans 400g

  1. ADAM

    great taste . will definitely re purchase.

  2. Deepak

    Good product

  3. amit

    good quality…………..

  4. sejal

    I purchased KGN Baked Beans because it is cheap compared to other similar products and precooked. Its quality is superb. Ideal for bachelors. the tin packaging is awsm………..

  5. katrina

    Excellent quality. Feel it priced high.More price discount should be given when ordered more numbers (qty) ordered

  6. suraiya

    All good. Well within best before date and received intact.

  7. rakhi

    The original taste of beans.

  8. prabhleen

    tastes Good and arrived on time

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