Basil Seed Aloe Vera 290ml (Pack of 12)

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12 Pcs in a carton.


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Aloe Vera flavour drink with Basil Seed

This refreshing and healthy Basil seed drink is the perfect, healthy drink to quench thirst. Basil seeds are known for their health benefits, which includes, reducing stress, cooling the body and facilitating digestion. The drink can also be enjoyed as an accompaniment for snacks, or as a flavourful thirst quencher.

Ingredients:-Water, Basil Seed, Aloe Vera, Sugar, Gelling Agent (E418), Citric Acid (E330), Pandan Flavour (Natural Identical Flavour), Contains Permitted Natural Colour (s) And Added Flavour (s)

7 reviews for Basil Seed Aloe Vera 290ml (Pack of 12)

  1. joshna

    great combination of healthy drink with aloevera and basil seeds ….loose your weight with the taste.

  2. harry

    this drink makes easier for me to drink aloevera with taste.thankyou KGN

  3. jack

    luv kgn products and this drink is just magic helps to reduce my weight

  4. jacob

    best drink ever seen.enjoy with your family and friend

  5. olive

    hygienic and attractive packaging.storable for long time.ready to drink

  6. admin

    awsm drink ever bought

  7. Bradley

    Hi. The site is great: it has a lot of
    valuable information and is easy to find.
    Thanks and hugs!

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