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Basil Seed Red Grape 290ml


12 Pcs in a carton.

Red Grape flavour drink with Basil Seed

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Basil seeds are known for their cooling properties, due to which they are added in a variety of cool drinks like falooda, rooh afza, nimbu pani and sherbets. They are natural, healthy, help in recovering a sore throat, and also aid in curbing the appetite if consumed in a gelatinous drink before a meal. 

Ingredients:- Water, Basil Seed, Sugar, Black Grape Flavour & Citric Acid

2 reviews for Basil Seed Red Grape 290ml

  1. mary

    Amazing drink!

  2. Sam

    Again, premium quality and great taste.. Its healthier than many other drinks out there. I recommend this!

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