Basil Seed Watermelon 290ml

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12 Pcs in a carton.


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Watermelon flavour drink with Basil Seed

This refreshing and healthy Basil seed drink is the perfect, healthy drink to quench thirst. Basil seeds are known for their health benefits, which includes, reducing stress, cooling the body and facilitating digestion. The drink can also be enjoyed as an accompaniment for snacks, or as a flavourful thirst quencher. 

Ingredients:- Water, Basil Seed, Sugar, Gelling Agent (E418), Citric Acid (330), Water melon Flavour (Natural Identical Flavour), Natural Watermelon Colour, Natural Colour (E150), Added Contain Permitted Natural Colour (s), Natural Added Flavour (s)

5 reviews for Basil Seed Watermelon 290ml

  1. roy

    eye soothing color with lovely taste

  2. juliea

    tasty and healthy drink…worth it

  3. evan

    ready to drink kgn basil drink..this flavor relax your body with refereshment

  4. rashika

    worthfull drink..i m love in it

  5. robert

    go for kgn brand

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