Basil Seed Lemon

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Lemon flavour drink with Basil Seed

Basil seeds are known for their cooling properties, due to which they are added in a variety of cool drinks like falooda, rood afza, nimbu pani and sherbets. They are natural, healthy, help in recovering a sore throat, and also aid in curbing the appetite if consumed in a gelatinous drink before a meal.

Ingredients:-Water, Basil Seed, Sugar, Lemon Flv & Citric Acid

5 reviews for Basil Seed Lemon

  1. muskan

    trusted brand…knows for their quality loveeeeeeeeee KGN

  2. marry

    tasty and healthy drink with lemon flavor

  3. megan

    effective weight loss drink with lemon and basil seeds drink….i loosed my weight upto 3 kgs soon ..thank you KGN

  4. Michel

    go for KGN basil drinks

  5. sadhna

    trusted brand for their quality

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