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Our Cardamom Green Tea uses organic cardamom, blended carefully with our rich green tea. Both cardamom and green tea are known for their health benefits. Our Cardamom green tea has an invigorating aroma, and is a very easy to drink tea. This intricate herbal tea is layered with citrus notes and musty/ earthy flavor notes, with a slightly pungent, aromatic flavour profile. It is a warming tea, designed to beat the cold and soothe you from the inside.



1. Digestive issues: Cardamom is great for curing and preventing digestive issues. Other than this, it is also good for boosting digestive health. The cooling effects of cardamom, despite being a spice, can help in relieving acidity. Along with this, cardamom can also help in treating gastrointestinal issues like indigestion, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and spasms.

2. Bad breath: Cardamom has anti-bacterial properties which help in getting rid of bad breath as it helps in neutralizing dental bacteria.

3. Depression: Due to the aromatic power it holds, cardamom has the added benefit of helping those going through mental stress, depression or any other mental health issue. You can boil cardamom in water or simply have it added to your tea for best results.

4. Expectorant action: Those suffering from asthma and bronchitis, cardamom is a wonder spice for you. This is because cardamom can help improve blood circulation in the lungs by blood thinning action.

5. Sexual dysfunction: Sexual dysfunctions like impotency and premature ejaculation can also be successfully treated with cardamom. Consuming cardamom with milk and honey can do wonders for your sex life.

6. Other benefits: Since cardamom is a multi-purpose spice, it is great for those suffering with bad metabolism, bad memory, helps to detoxify your body and is great for those period stomach cramps which seem impossible to bear.

2 reviews for GREEN TEA CARDAMOM (25 Tea bags)

  1. Alam

    Fresh green tea with cardamom fragrance….pure and hygenic packaging

  2. Ellzorb


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