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Hair oil is a hair care product that has unique ayurvedic formulations that deal with dandruff as it will stop dandruff from occurring again and again..
It prevent hair loss, strengthen the hair roots , premature graying, stop dryness and damaged leaving the hair nourished and strong..
stop skin itching and improve hair growth..
This must be applied on the scalp and left overnight.
use every day for better result.

2 reviews for JASMEL 10 DAYS HAIR OIL

  1. john and Alice

    My Hair was falling out suddenly. It was really concerning me so I decided to try to do something about it. I prefer natural approaches to health problems and I tried several other products. No luck until I decided to try this. Hair shedding has slowed dramatically. Before, every time I ran my comb through my hair I would have to pluck many hairs out from the comb to continue. Now that has decreased a lot. I think my hair is shedding at normal levels now and I really feel this product did the trick. I also see lots of new baby hair filling. Results are promising.

  2. preeti

    This is the best product for my hair its growing so fast Im already on my fourth bottle😁

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