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Jasmel Made from 99% pure aloe vera, this face gel contains necessary vitamins which makes the skin firm
This pure aloe vera gel is effective in giving your skin a healthy glow by replenishing the dead skin with new one
This hydrating gel helps get rid of dead cells from the skin making the skin soft and smooth
This organic aloe vera gel is ideal for both dry as well as oily skin. It moisturizes the skin minus the greasiness that makes the skin oily
Aloe vera gel can be used to reverse the effects of tan as it helps in restoring natural color of your skin
It is a perfect moisturizer for dry skin as it provides a layer above the skin protecting it from dirt and pollution
The anti-allergic properties found in aloe vera helps the skin to recover from bites, scar and stress. The anti-inflammatory nature of aloe vera fastens the process of healing and minimizes acne


  1. alexa

    I love this lightweight yet powerful product! This was what my skin was missing. My skin looks and feels better. This product is a win in my book! Thank you!

  2. jragland

    It has the same consistency as aloe vera straight from the plant! It doesn’t leave a residue like other gels rather it absorbs quickly into the skin. I highly recommend it.

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