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Jasmel Massage Oil is perfect for moisturising the skin and reducing muscle tension during massage time. It is cordially made from Jojoba Coconut oils providing a comfortable and non-greasy feeling. When you have a stressful day and fatigued mind, the fresh and reviving fragrance of jojoba will freshen up and soothe your body and mind.
With a deeply soothing and refreshing nature, it produces feeling of confidence, optimism and euphoria, while soothing and nourishing skin
100% pure and safe premium grade blended oil
No additives, mineral oil, base oil, sls, paraben or silicon’s added

3 reviews for JASMEL MASSAGE OIL

  1. eric

    I’m not the type of person to buy this kind of product, but by the persuasion of my girlfriend, I was talked into it. I’m also not the type of person to write reviews about products. However, this product is the real deal. Two days after receiving my shipment, I immediately ordered two more bottles. I don’t even have a need for two more bottles. I just went into panic mode thinking end-of-the-world scenarios and tried to envision myself without this oil. I couldn’t imagine it. So here I am, writing this review with my silky smooth face, waiting for the end of the world, where I’ll obviously be the most prepared human…in terms of facial oil preparedness.

  2. inna

    Wow! I rarely write reviews but I need to share this with the world. This stuff is incredible! Don’t ask me how but it immediately relaxed every muscle it touched. It smells great too.

    Added bonus for me, I have plantar fasciitis and decided to massage my foot with this oil -because when you’ve been in pain for years you’ll try anything- and it instantly reduced my pain by a lot. Even better, the next morning I woke up with barely any pain at all. A few weeks of use and it’s by far the best thing I’ve tried so far to calm the pain and reduce inflammation.

    Would absolutely recommend to anyone with back pain due to stress, inflammation, or just for a relaxing massage.

  3. reshma

    I use this massage oil multiple times per week at home to cut down on my number of massage therapy appointments. It’s worth every penny. I get frequent and numerous knots in my upper back, shoulders and neck that cause severe headaches if left unchecked. My husband swears by this oil for working on upper back/shoulder knots I’m not able to reach, and he loves the smell too. It also works well using plastic trigger point tools like the Body Back Buddy, which tend to irritate my skin even when used over a shirt or towel.

    This oil is wonderful. It’s the perfect consistency, very smooth and the smell is very relaxing. It causes no issues for my sensitive skin. The scent is nicely balanced and not too heavy or cloying like some other oils I have tried. I absolutely recommend it!

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