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12 Pcs in a carton.


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  1. MaryKay

    Update after finishing 12 bottles: I’m now upgrading this product to 5 stars. I really enjoyed it after I got used to it, and tried 2 other brands as well. I guess you have to adjust your taste buds when you switch from one to another.much sweet and pulps are really soft.

    high price but good taste ….

  2. S. Guise

    Delicious! I buy all the time.

    I’ve purchased this coconut water about 4 or 5 times now and love it. I’ve turned coworkers on to it and a few friends.

    it’s great because it’s not sweet or sugary. I know there are dozens of varieties of coconuts, but I guess KGN coconuts have water that is more “earthy” (but very mild) in flavor. I don’t buy any other brand anymore because they’re all so sweet. This stuff tastes like it’s right from any coconut you’d watch a guy chop into a machete and serve you with a straw! 🙂

    ALSO: It makes GREAT fruit smoothies if you add a bunch of tropical fruits. Much lighter than using milk or almond milk.

  3. C. Higgins

    Wow. I’ve had Zico and One and several other brands. This one is downright delicious. I dont think I’ll ever change. I read a lot of the reviews and saw the bad stuff, so after chilling in the fridge for about 10 hours, I poured it into a cup just to make sure there were no questions about what I was drinking. The first sip surprised me so much that I let out an audible “Wow…” Downright amazing!

  4. admin

    I’ve tested several kinds of coconut waters. Many of them claim to be sugar free, but have added sugar substitutes. I react severely when I ingest almost any kind of “fake” substitute. This stuff is just coconut water. I’ve tasted coconut water straight from a just picked coconut. If you would do a blind taste test, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference! I drink it for joint pain. When I do this every day, I never have pain! I’ve also discovered it tastes really good with pineapple rum! I nice little treat on a warm sunny day at the beach…..actually any day!!!

  5. kelly

    Love the product

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