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4 Bottle in a carton

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Hair grow capsule works well on women and men with the following hair concerns:
Hair loss due to aging.
Hair loss due to over styling- colouring , bleaching, ironing etc.
Hair loss due to pregnancy.
Hair loss due to poor diet.
Hair loss due to hormonal changes,
Hair loss due to birth control pills,
Hair loss due to stress,
Hair loss due to smoking,
Hair loss due to medication and treatments.
Symptoms of hair thinning dry brittle hair, dry scalp symptom of short dull eyelashes.
Hair grow capsule is a new approach to hair health – a safe and effective strategy to retake control of your hairline, so you can get back to being the you that doesn’t worry all the time about keeping your hair.
Natural botanical ingredients clinically shown to improve thinning hair and overall health. 100% herbal
Hair grow formula is a wonderful blend of herbs that are effective in treating hair loss and the underlying conditions that cause hair loss. build blood, balance hormones, direct nourishing blood to the scalp. this formula is full of natural hair growth vitamins which makes it most effective of all hair loss treatments. this formula prevents thinning of hair, premature greying of hair prevents hair loss.

PRODUCT DETAIL:  A Package of 4 bottles

30 capsule a bottle


  1. bailey

    I have been taking this product since the end of June 2018. I decided to give it three months to see if it helped my fine, thinning mouse fur. The results are wonderful! My hair is no longer shedding like a retriever in July…..there are no longer hairbrushes full of my hair or a fistful around the shower drain after I wash it. My pillow has no hair on it in the morning! I can freely brush my hair with my natural boar bristle brush and stimulate my scalp without the fear I am pulling it all out. I have hair again…..more of it….slightly thicker…and I am
    71 years old and absolutely delighted. I had taken Biotin 500mg for months and months with no improvement….and I am holistic with juicing, etc. This product had the nutrition I needed, made a significant difference, and I am so thankful. Mouse fur be gone!

  2. Beverly Gonzalez

    I’ve been using this for about 2 months now. I decided to buy hair vitamins because I have been struggling with hair loss, probably due to stress and my hypothyroidism. , so I decided to give them a shot and try a herbal capsule. Let me tell you, I haven’t noticed a lot of hair falling out since using them! I’ve received compliments that my hair looks healthier, thicker and just overall nice! Side benefit, my nails have been growing very fast and are strong too. I will definitely buy again!

  3. rebecca

    I bought these as a gift for one of my friends who recently had a baby. Here’s what she had to say about these:

    The postpartum hair loss is one of the most unpleasant side effects of having a baby. Because I had my babies back to back (26 months apart), I have a permanent bald spot on the left side of my forehead and my naturally thick hair is falling out in chunks. These supplements are definitely helping! I love all of the vitamins in it too. It’s a major plus! I didn’t like the size of the pills (I hate pills) but they were manageable. I would say the pros of these supplements far outweigh the con of the size of the pill. Thank you so much for sending me these supplements!

  4. Jack

    I never knew healthy food can be so tasty! Chewing this has helped my skin and hair in a positive way .My skin is getting evenly toned and my hair fall has reduced!

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