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4 Bottle in a carton

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Mr healthy heart capsule helps in:
Regulating heart function and strengthen heart capsule.
Lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
Normalise the heart rhythm, helps in maintaing normal vasoldition.
Checks cardiomypathy

PRODUCT DETAIL:  A Package of 4 bottles

30 capsule a bottle


  1. Brenda C

    I know this is going to sound crazy but after being diagnosed with paroxysmal afib, I was tired of my chest feeling tight or having a sensation that I can only describe as a ship rolling on the seas so I decided to order this. After taking this for just a couple of days, I don’t know what happened to all of those uncomfortable chest feelings but they appear to be almost gone. I don’t know if everyone else will have these results but I hope they continue for me.

  2. L.M. H.

    Excellent supplement for heart and circulation. I started taking hawthorn twice a day, about four months ago, and my health has definitely improved. This product help control the chest pains and rapid heartbeat I was experiencing. They have also reduced my foot pain and leg cramps. My feet have nerve damage due to injury. I haven’t noticed any negative side effects, and will continue taking.

  3. Denny Paton

    Blood pressure was 150/90 for awhile. Doctor wanted to put me on pills. I decided to try a more natural way to lower. Started by staying away from processed foods and taking mr healthy heart care. In one month my blood pressure has dropped to an average of 128/78. Saw doctor he was surprised. Took my BP several times including manually. All normal!

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