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Ingredient: Refined flour, Sugar, Interesterified vegetable fat, Cardamom, Cornflour, Raising agents, Flavouring agent of water, Salt antioxidant(E.319).

The texture is more Cookies-like than of biscuits, but, nevertheless, great-tasting and so healthy too!!!
You can give your Family these soft, sweet, Sugar-Free Cookies just about any time.

Here to be your tasty cookie snack. Including sugar-free cookies in your diet can provide you with many health benefits because of its rich nutrient content, making it easy for you we have used the semolina flour and vitamin-rich cardamom to bake it into a crisp and crumbly, melt in the mouth biscuit having a lovely subtle cardamom spice flavor. The aromatic cardamom lends a lovely delicate flavor to these light cookies making them a perfect everyday indulgence!!


  1. vijaya

    Thank you Mr Healthy. As I am Sugar patient and have restrictions on foods to be consumed, but as I m at working person I need something ready-made to eat and at the same time it has to be healthy also. And not to forget tasty also.
    Finally I find ur products tasty and healthy. Thank you for making it… It’s helping me. Go for it.

  2. Jordan

    Very gentle taste. Mildly sweet.

  3. coral

    i love the cardamom flavor…the crispiness….

  4. sezuka

    best diabetic patient biscuit……any time anywhere..just go for your sweet craving….

  5. Jack

    in terms of product it’s definitely subpar in comparison to brands like cadbury but in exchange for it being sugarless, i think it’s still a pretty decent choice of Biscuits. overall taste is still sweet and crunchy. but it’s quite pricey though….

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